Betsey Paterson Lord has suggested that we sing the school song, since we're lucky enough to have one, at our reunion dinner.
Now all we need is someone to lead us! 
And here's a chance for you to brush up on those words you always forgot:

Montpelier High with loyal song we rally to thy call,
And lift thy name in chorus strong
Thy sons and daughters all.
Thy spirit guides us to the shrine 
Of truth that makes us free;
In work and play we'll strive to pay 
The debt we owe to thee.
Thy green and white, unsullied, bright
Shall ever float on high.
Every lip in fellowship 
Shall join the joyful cry.
Hear our cheer, Montpelier dear,
Swell to a mighty roar.
Hail to the name,
Bright be thy fame,

Thanks to Diana Arey Agusta for the transcription.