Hello, Solons!
Here are the latest website updates and tips:
—Dick Cody has set up a block of rooms for us at the Plaza Hotel!
 Look on “Where to Stay /Accommodations” for details, and to contact the Plaza.
-- Make your choice of which free event you'd like to attend on the "Free Event Sign-Up" page. We have posted updates on meeting times & gathering places. Here’s your chance to catch up with old friends while you hike Stowe Pinnacle, revisit the halls of MHS, the streets of Montpelier City, or the paths of Hubbard Park!

—A BIG thank you to all classmates who have sent in their questionnaire responses and photos! Keep ‘em coming, Solons!
Final deadline is JULY 7, 2018.
See Message Board page for details.

—It’s probably wise, if you’re entering your data directly to the website, to write your answers in a separate document in case you encounter problems uploading information. Then if necessary, you can send to Kathy Kohl ( or Morgan Irons (, who will transcribe your answers to the site.

--Anyone filling in a questionnaire online:
Don't panic if you can't find your profile when you hit Submit!  We need to approve it before it will show up on the website.  

--If your "Then" senior portrait disappears after you upload a "Now" photo, tell Kathy Kohl ( and she'll re-upload your portrait.

Visit our website regularly to catch up with your classmates
and see what else is in the works for our September weekend!