Linda Bowles Parker has begun to compile a challenging list of questions for the Montpelier Brain Teaser Quiz, to be given at the reunion dinner on Saturday, September 8, 2018.
Here's a sampling so you can do some preparatory research!

1. The first public school in Montpelier was held in a:
     a.  church
     b.  town hall
     c.  log cabin
     d.  barn

2.  Montpelier High School was founded in 1859; classes were first held at:
     a.  Main Street School
     b.  Spaulding High School
     c.  Union School
     d.  St. Michael's School

3.  With whom did MHS share the building in that 1859 school?
     a.  Spaulding High School students
     b.  Washington County Grammar School students
     c.  Cows
     d.  St. Michael's School students

4.  What winter event was held first during the 1967-68 school year?
5.  What award did the Class of 1968 receive in the event #4 above?

6. In 1967-68, MHS had _____ students and _____ teachers, a ratio of _____.
     (Today, MHS has 278 students and 32 teachers, a ratio of 9/1.)

7.  What Business Office is now housed in the MHS building that was not on campus in 1968?
     a.  Ben & Jerry's
     b.  Bernie Sanders' Campaign Headquarters
     c.  Montpelier Public Schools
     d.  Vermont Republican Party

8.  To whom was the 1968 MHS yearbook dedicated?
     a.  Anthony Rocchio
     b.  Mickey Mouse
     c.  Paul McCartney
     d.  Joe Smollen